Creating a Story Mountain

Greetings, Women’s Pages.  As one of the newest members of the group, I wanted to say hello, and hope to get to know you.  I’m Valerie Ormond, a writer, and author of the novel Believing In Horses.  I attended the September 10th Accokeek Women’s Writers Group meeting, and we had a small discussion about workshops and conferences and takeaways from the same.  That discussion inspired me to write this post, to share a few thoughts on what others shared with me.


Hello, everyone.  I started a blog so I can contribute easily to the Women’s Pages blog, as a new member of the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group.

I have a separate blog at, but you know how blogs don’t always talk to each other?  🙂

Look forward to contributing a tidbit or two.  I came across this post today, and thought some others may find it of interest, on creating contradictions in characters.  I follow Lauren Grimley’s blog and enjoy her sense of humor (and insights).