The HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen Escapes

I think this story would make an excellent book!

Buk's Historical Ad Hockery

The HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen was a Dutch minelayer, and found herself in the unenviable position as the last Allied ship in the Java Sea. She was supposed to accompany the Exeter for antiaircraft protection but once the boiler was fixed, the Crijnssen was left behind because she could only muster 15 knots at top speed. Her captain pulled her into a cove among some small off shore Javen islands. He knew that the Japanese planes would all be searching for the ships near the Sunda Strait for the rest of the day, but after that they would search for small craft attempting to flee, just like his. The Crijnssen’s slow speed meant she was sure to be spotted and promptly sank.

The captain called the 54 men of the crew together to discuss options. Surrender was out of the question; no rising sun ensign would fly from a Dutch ship…

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