How to Face Down Writer Fear – by C.S. Lakin…

Another insightful post by C.S. Lakin…conquering fear.

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on Live Write Thrive:

Fear is probably the #1 factor preventing writers from seeing success in their careers. I’ve had many writers tell me they’re afraid of failing, afraid of rejection, afraid of bad reviews, afraid people will laugh at them, afraid readers will hate their book, afraid people will judge them or tell them they are selfishly wasting their time writing when they could be doing something more productive or meaningful.

There are probably more reasons to be afraid than there are to keep writing.

Let’s face it. Every single writer has and will have negative responses from their writing. There will always be people that dislike, maybe even hate, your work. That’s life. The sooner you can accept and expect it, the easier it will be to knock over your fear.

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What Words to Avoid in Your Writing

An excellent list written with a sense of humor. I would say the exception to not using some of these words would be in dialogue if the characters we’re creating use words such as “awesome” and “really.”

A Writer's Path

by K. Ross

Writing is tricky. Trying to express your meaning clearly can be hard enough, but also making it engaging can be quite the balancing act. As a writer, I’m still working on it, but as an editor, ill-considered or lazy writing jumps off the page at me like a facehugger from Aliens. While much of any writer’s voice is a product of their individual choices, there are a few words everyone needs to be wary of.

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How to Write Rich Characterization: A Cheat-Sheet – by Bonnie Randall…

A quick read with five good tips!

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on Fiction University:

A character is infinitely more than just who the author says they are. Like their living, breathing counterparts, fictional characters often reveal themselves in incidental ways.

Here are five quick ways to help readers make powerful inferences about your characters:

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