Sharing Nathan Bransford’s Wisdom

For instance, in the opening chapter of my most recent novel, I describe a minor character like this: “Mary was wearing a deep purple jumpsuit that seemed a bit festive for a funeral.” ~Nathan Bransford

I’ve been reading and following Nathan Bransford for years and wanted to share the blog post below because I connected immediately with what he was saying by the one example he used from his recent novel. I look forward to applying this tip in my writing.

When describing characters, think more about capturing presence than details – Nathan Bransford | Writing, Book Editing, Publishing

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2 thoughts on “Sharing Nathan Bransford’s Wisdom”

    1. You are welcome, Olga, and I hope you find his work interesting. You know how some people can explain things in ways our brains understand? I’ve found that to be the case with his advice. Take care, and thank you for stopping by!

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